May 14 2012

Cover Letter

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When I first registered for this class I didn’t know what to expect. I liked the way the class was broken down into focusing on just Latino Literature. Honestly, before this class I was never familiar with Latino authors or literary works. I really enjoyed reading the poetry and short stories by these Latino Authors. Overall, I thought the class was well organized and that as a professor you were fair with grades and deadlines. I enjoyed the lectures and learned a great deal about how to write and do close readings and feel that because of this class my close reading and writing skills have improved. I think the idea of doing the 40 blog posts was a good idea because it helps a lot at the end when writing the final paper and is a good way to boost grades. I liked the technique of the PIE paragraphs, I think it was a good way to pull the text apart and interpret quotes. I have taken many English classes and never wrote a PIE paragraph and that is something that I will use in the future when writing papers. This class also made me aware of the use of “to be” verbs and how using less “to be” verbs makes writing flow and sound much clearer, I will definitely take that into consideration when writing other papers in the future as well. I also liked the way you would put the class notes on the blog and would make an outline for the responses and final paper, which was really helpful along with the sample essays you showed us in class to help us with our own work. I thought you were an excellent professor and I learned a great deal from your class, you helped me improve my writing and how to interpret texts which will help me in the future as an English Education major.  Hope you have a great summer!

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