May 07 2012


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I live smack in the fissure between two worlds, in the infected wound: half a block from the end of Western Civilization and four miles from the start of the Mexican-American border, the northernmost point of Latin America. ( Gomez-Pena 2081)

Guillermo Gomez-Pena does not agree with the idea of assimilation and becoming apart of the mainstream. In the essay “Documented/Undocumented” the idea of rejecting the mainstream, or dominant trend of American culture is portrayed throughout the text. The author describes living in a “fissure between two different worlds” which describes how the author is caught between the two different cultures and how they are caught in between the splitting point or crack of falling into the mainstream. The author refers to the idea of living between these two different worlds as being a part of an “infected wound”. This can refer to the idea of how mainstreaming takes over a persons culture through the process of assimilation and how the assimilation into the mainstream will eventually take over the Western civilization and reach the Mexican-American border as well as the northernmost point of Latin America spreading as if it is an “infected wound.”

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