May 07 2012

Applying Stereotypical Labels: Prejudice And Discrimination Against Latinos In American Society

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For my final paper I would like to focus on the idea of Latinos assimilating to the US mainstream and the common stereotypes that they face in terms of language. I would like to discuss the idea of English as a Second Language (ESL) and how the children of Latino immigrant families face stereotypes in schools because they are unfamiliar with the English language bringing on hardships for these Latino children. I will apply the idea of the critical lens Structuralism incorporating how code-switching, the mixing of the two different languages, English and Spanish are integrated into the school system. I will focus on the aesthetic texts that show the idea of the hardships that Latinos face through the idea of assimilation along with focusing on texts that show stereotypes towards the Latino population as well, especially in the direction of ESL students. I would like to focus on the poem “Refugee Ship” by Lorna Dee Cervantes, “The Wrong Lunch Line” by Nicholas Mohr, “Aria” by Richard Rodriguez, and “What’s In A Spanish Name?” by Jose Antonio Burciaga. These texts show the idea of stereotypes and the importance of language and how language has changed due to the idea of assimilation taking over, it also shows the idea of the hybrid and how the cultures mix together creating a “new” type of language in some ways.

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