May 02 2012

“Refugee Ship”

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Mama raised me without language. I’m orphaned from my Spanish name. The words are foreign, stumbling on my tongue. I see in the mirror my reflection: bronzed skin, black hair. (Cervantes 2011)

Cervantes describes the idea of how she was raised in a household that spoke English as the first language. She explains how she was raised not knowing her native language and referred to this as being “orphaned from her Spanish name”, meaning how she had a Spanish name and yet she did not carry on the Spanish language because it had been unfamiliar to her growing up. She refers to the Spanish language as “the words are foreign, stumbling on my tongue” meaning how the language was not easy for her to understand and how she was not able to pronounce the words correctly. This quote fits the idea of assimilation because the Spanish family has come to America and they do not carry on their native language, the parents taught their children English and they speak English in their household showing how they have assimilated into the American culture. The quote also shows the idea of how she states, “I see in the mirror my reflection: bronzed skin, black hair” meaning she has the Spanish appearance, but doesn’t not speak or understand the Spanish language because her family has assimilated to the American culture speaking English. This idea of assimilation she refers to as being aboard the “refugee ship” because she has left behind her Spanish culture and language.


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