Apr 30 2012

ESL: Integration of LEP Students into the Classroom

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Yet regular classroom teachers are unprepared in how to integrate the LEP student into the regular classroom. (Penfield 21)

There have been a large amount of immigrants coming to America, allowing for immigrant students to come into the school systems speaking a language that is not English as their primary language. This leaves the teachers in a classroom setting “unprepared” because these teachers are not familiar with how to handle a classroom with LEP students. There are many different ways to solve the “unpreparedness” of these teachers by having a plan in the classroom environment so that these students don’t feel isolated from their peers. The teacher should be familiar with the language that the student speaks and should try to make the classroom environment as equal as possible, for instance, the teacher should try to involve the students in group work so that the students are able to interact with one another, making it easier for the LEP students to not feel left out.

A majority of the respondents (61%) viewed the regular classroom setting as better suited for LEP students than a segregated setting. A smaller number (21%) preferred the bilingual education setting, and an even smaller number (18%) chose self-contained or ESL only setting.(Penfield 26)

This idea of having the LEP students in a regular classroom setting has been established that this is the proper approach for the learning environment of an LEP student. This idea will do away with a majority of the stereotypes that these students faced when they are segregated into a different environment. There was a low percentage that preferred having the ESL only class setting which shows that some do think that having the ESL students in a separate learning environment will help them learn better. Although having ESL classes where the students are separated from the regular classroom setting can be seen as a positive idea, it brings upon a lot of stereotypes and discrimination towards the students making them feel out of place in the classroom. This idea can also be presented by having the students in the regular classroom setting as well, but the teacher is able to take control of the classroom setting to try and make the LEP students feel involved in the regular classroom setting by having them interact with the other students and they can also gain help from being around these other students that are familiar with the language.

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