Apr 26 2012

Sixteen: “Exploiting The Less Fortunate”

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This poem talks about the way in which the Mexican people face discrimination and prejudice. It discusses the hardships that illegal, undocumented immigrants face throughout their lives. These Mexican people are discriminated against in America being “used” and “tortured” treated unfairly due to their rank in society. These Mexican people strive to find work and are given the worst jobs and pay because they are looked at through stereotypes, being their low rank in society, they are viewed as cheap labor because people assume that they have no education and are willing to work these terrible jobs for low wages.

Lacking citizenship papers but with heart, soul, and mind full of dreams worked and not paid, greeted when needed but after their work is finished crowded into cattle cars, truck beds, vans, jail cells, livestock pens, shot electrocuted, beaten exiled, robbed, jeered at, blamed, because they believe in the American Dream we take for granted. (1848)

This basically explains the hardships and extremely cruel acts the Mexican immigrants have faced coming to assimilate to the United States. The Mexican immigrants come to the United States looking for work so that they can “fulfill their dreams” and yet they are taken advantage of and treated poorly. For instance, they are “greeted when needed” meaning they are only good enough and seen valuable to people when they can perform hard work for cheap labor and then they are taken away to be “tortured” in such a way that involves them being taken to “jail cells, being shot, electrocuted, beaten, robbed” all because they came to America to fulfill a dream that they want to strive for to be successful. The American Dream is something that people in the United States strive for and want other people to be able to achieve by immigrating to America to share this dream and yet these people have tried to achieve this dream and have only been treated with torture and unfair acts.

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