Apr 18 2012

“Aria”: Assimilating to American Culture

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Richard Rodriguez’s Aria  describes the ideas of assimilation to the US and how many immigrants have a difficult time adjusting to the American lifestyles learning to live a whole new life. The argument here is assimilation a positive thing or a negative thing? In my opinion I believe assimilation has both its positives and negatives, but in the end I believe it to be more of a positive idea. I believe that learning English is important if immigrants are going to come to America, but I also find it ignorant if we don’t accept other peoples cultures and languages as well because the US is supposedly seen as a great place to come to and the US should accept the different cultures and be open to these different languages because if everyone spoke one language that would take away from the diversity of the world. The diversity of the US is what makes it unique, yes the people who come to the US should be open to our culture and know our language but we should not discriminate against them and force them to follow strictly only our culture. Assimilation in this case in the reading the young boy Ricardo experiences the differences in language in the US compared to Mexico. Ricardo for the first time heard his name in English “Richard” and he was embarrassed that his parents could not speak the English language correctly, I don’t think that immigrants should be ashamed of not being able to speak English perfectly because even some Americans don’t know how to speak English properly and these are people who were born in the US. I believe that immigrants that come to the US should just be open to learning our language at least and if they speak English with an accent it is nothing to be ashamed of because at least they are trying their best to assimilate the best they can to a culture that is unfamiliar to their own.

We lived among the gringos and only a block away from the biggest, whitest houses. It never occurred to my parents that they couldn’t live wherever they chose.(Rodriguez 1576)

This quote from the text shows how Ricardo knew him and his family were different and stood out in the neighborhood they lived in. It shows how they were confident and worked hard to achieve what they wanted in life . It also shows how they tried to assimilate into the white culture because they lived “among the gringos” even though they weren’t white they lived in the same neighborhood, which showed that they weren’t ashamed of who they were and wanted to be able to achieve what the white community had achieved by living among the “gringo” society. This shows how his family wanted to assimilate and fit in even though they were not considered American.

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  1.   salvarezon 26 Apr 2012 at 10:21 am

    Michelle, you have a few good posts here about stereotypes, and that might be material you could use for your final essay. Do you see any connections between some of your blogs that you think you could follow-up on?

    You should also think of what stories/poems you would like to focus on. Again, review your responses and posts. You should also review the texts you choose to search for any “key words” you could include in your essay.

    I also would suggest looking over your posts and responses for any sentences/ideas you could re-use for your final paper. Some of the stuff you wrote for different poems/stories might still apply to the ones you choose.

    10 out of 10 possible points.

    Note: No Class Monday, April 30th.

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