Apr 17 2012

“Race in America”

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The video series brings out the conflict of stereotypes directed towards the different races in society. Racism is something that has come about and many groups face racism in America over time. In the video we see the idea of racism directed toward the white and black populations, in this case white is considered the “good” or “liked” race whereas black is the “bad” or “not liked” race. The children had associated white with being “smart” and “pretty” and black as being “dumb” and “ugly”. I found it interesting how only one or two of the children that were interviewed picked all the skin tones as being equal and didn’t think race mattered stating that it was about who the person was as a whole, not about the color of their skin that mattered. I thought the mother’s reaction was interesting to see because it shows how parents need to talk to their children more about the topic of race so that they are aware of the idea. The mother reacted by crying because she was surprised at her daughter’s response and this showed how the child only associated those pictures that appeared to look the same as she did. I also found it interesting how the African American young girl responded stating how “race doesn’t matter and that either skin tone looks good.” The most interesting part of the video I believed to be the interview with all the parents of the children. The parents are a huge influence on what their children believe along with the media. For instance, one parent brought up the idea of watching television shows that have criminals in them and usually the criminals are of darker skin tones directing the stereotype that darker is considered with being “bad”. The parents also stated how not only the media influences the children’s thoughts on race but also the type of neighborhood they live in and how open their families are to talk about race because the children need to be aware of race being it is something that will surround them in everyday life. Children need to be open to race and understand that not everyone they encounter in life will look the same as them and that there are “good” and “bad” in every race. These videos are related to the Latino race in some way, in the case of Haiti vs. Dominican Republic. These two groups are very close to each other and yet they are discriminated against with many stereotypes just because they vary from very light skin to very dark skin.

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