Mar 31 2012

Stereotypes: Assumptions Towards The Latino/a Race

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A stereotype gives assumptions about different races and genders, which can later affect the lives of children somewhere down the line. Stereotypes are associated with prejudice and discrimination, many stereotypes can be misleading having a huge impact on the lives of those that are surrounded by these ideas. Throughout the semester we have read many different pieces of literature that can be related to the idea of stereotypes. We have read different readings that deal with stereotypes of Spanish women to Spanish and white friends mingling to stereotypes directed towards students that are placed in ESL classes. For instance, in Nilda we see the idea of stereotypes towards Latina women, where the mother preaches to her daughter to be a good woman staying in school and getting an education and not getting pregnant like her mother had done; her mother states how she has wasted her life by having babies with so many different men and she doesn’t want her daughter Nilda to suffer the way her mother has in the past. We also see the stereotype of prejudice and discrimination in the reading “The Wrong Lunch Line” when the Hispanic girl and Jewish girl have a friendship but are forced to sit in separate sections at lunchtime in their school.

Throughout the semester the one group that I would like to relate to experiencing stereotypes are the students that are placed in ESL classes. For instance, the film “Immersion” that was on the class blog that we viewed gives a good example of the discrimination that ESL students face within the schools. It portrays how ESL students are seen as being excluded from the rest of the students because they are not familiar with the English language, therefore following the stereotype of being slower learners then those students that are English speakers. This video can be seen as supporting the argument that even though a student is placed in an ESL program, this does not necessarily mean that the student is not intelligent. In the video “Immersion” the young boy in the film is placed in a ESL class and is not able to understand the English language, yet he is one of the brilliant students in the class being able to problem solve through different techniques that does not involve speaking English.


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