Mar 26 2012

“Nanny Spanish” or “Star Spanglish Banner?”

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After watching the two video clips from “Nanny Spanish” and “Star Spanglish Banner” it shows how ignorant the United States is towards the Latino/a society. In the video “Nanny Spanish” first off the stereotype that all nanny’s tend to be Spanish is portrayed and that white American mothers are the ones that hire these nannies being that is all that is seen in the video. I found it to be a humorous way to show how Americans are ignorant of the Latino/a background as well because in this video these women are in a class to learn the Spanish terms that they need to communicate with their “Spanish” nannies and it then turns into a class of learning vulgar phrases to direct towards the Latino/a nanny, which shows how America is ignorant and how these American women are seen as talking down upon the Spanish nanny because she doesn’t understand the English language. I found it to be humorous how the teacher teaches these women the wrong phrases to get back at them for wanting to bad mouth the Spanish culture and treat them as if they are lower just because they feel they have power over the nanny being she doesn’t speak English. I don’t feel that this idea was effective because the teacher was the only one who knew what was going on and these American women weren’t interested in learning the language so in the end it just made the American ladies look like fools because they were being taught the wrong terms in order to make them look stupid in the end.

On the other hand, the video “Star Spanglish Banner” I believe to have made more of an impact on people and is more effective because it takes a part the “Star Spangled Banner” and creates it to fit their own interpretation by changing the words to make the United States look like fools. In this video it shows how the Spanish come to America and how the idea of assimilation plays a role in the coming to America. It shows how they crossed the border and how they want their Spanish ways of life to be recognized just like our American ways of life are recognized and honored. For instance, they show the American flag being ripped and they hold rallies, which shows they want to have the power and be honored like Americans are in the United States and how they do not want to be looked down upon. It also refers to the people of the US as gringo’s which is showing how they don’t think very highly of US society and how they stated that they “crossed the border while the gringos were sleeping” meaning that the United States can be made a fool of because these people came over and the people of the US didn’t even realize it, showing ignorance.

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