Mar 21 2012

The Destruction of Two Illusions

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Stereotypes from within are no less dangerous than those from without; if anything, we lend them more credence, and propagate the illusion under the banner of “The Inside Truth.” Saddest of all we finally begin to believe them ourselves. (Tafolla 1422)

This quote is trying to show how stereotypes exist both within a culture and exist outside a culture as well. This means that people that are not a part of the culture create stereotypes about a certain culture, whereas people within a certain culture have their own stereotypes about themselves.  There are two types of illusions that exist: internal and external. The external is a stereotype that originates from outside the ethnic group and the internal originates from within the ethnic group or culture. The quote is basically saying how those “internal illusions” about the culture are seen as being equally acknowledged by those that the stereotype is being directed towards. The key word “credence” in this case shows how due to these illusions the Chicano/a people eventually come to believe what is said about their culture through these internal/external illusions brought out by not only others outside their culture but brought out by those within the same culture and ethnic group. These stereotypes have been named as “The Inside Truth” making these people of this culture believe that these stereotypes, illusions, and assumptions about their ethnic group is actually true when in reality people create these not knowing that not every person in an ethnic group falls under the category of these stereotyped illusions.


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  1.   salvarezon 21 Mar 2012 at 1:58 pm

    Michelle, I gave you all 10 possible points for the blog posts this round. You have lots of great writing here–at this point in the semester, it’s important to start thinking about what you think you may want to focus on for your final essay. This doesn’t mean you should choose a topic, but rather review your blog posts to look for any common themes for research you might look up on the library databases.
    10 out of 10 possible points.

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