Mar 20 2012

“Nuyorican Poets”

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The experience of Puerto Ricans on the streets has caused a new language to grow: Nuyorican. Nuyoricans are a special experience in the immigration history of the city of New York. We come to the city as citizens and can retain the use of Spanish and include English….The interchange between both yields new verbal possibilities, new images to deal with the stresses of living on tar and cement. (Algarin 1345)

This quote explains the significance of the creation of the term “Nuyorican”. The term refers to the Puerto Ricans that come and migrate to New York City bringing many of their own ideas with them.  The Nuyorican Poets Café has brought much attention upon this group of people making them stand out in society. These people are seen as a “special experience” in the immigration history by bringing about their ways of culture to New York City. This group of people brings about a new culture to follow and shows how these Puerto Rican people assimilate into the American culture due to the way that they “retain the use of Spanish and include English” which shows that they are not ignorant of the English language spoken in New York. The migration of these Puerto Rican people to the city of New York brings about a new lifestyle and influences the creation of new language and opens up a new outlook on life and the way in which other cultures live their lives. The café has made a significant impact on the lives of these people by allowing them to be recognized through this hot spot and by allowing people to appreciate the ideas of the Nuyorican poets.

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