Mar 17 2012

“Immersion”: Views on ESL

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After viewing the video “Immersion” it made me realize the difficulties that children who do not speak English as their first language face in the classroom setting. I personally did not know much about ESL before our class discussion and was not aware of how unorganized the program was until after viewing this video. I believe that ESL is a good way to allow students who do not speak English to adjust in a classroom setting in order to be able to assimilate and become aware of the English language. I believe that ESL allows the students to seek help in the areas that they need being that they are unable to seek help at home where they do not speak English as a first language. I think that ESL is also a bad idea because it puts pressure on the children in those classes and separates these students from the rest of the students that are not in ESL making it known that these students are different from everyone else. I believe that ESL leads to stereotypes where the students are made fun of because they are in a different class and learn at a slower rate because they are not familiar with the English language.

In the video “Immersion” we see the young boy Moises who comes from a non-English speaking family and has to take his first exam in the US. The video shows how he is not able to understand what is going on in the class because the teacher speaks English at all times. I found it interesting how Moises was able to solve the mathematical problems by putting together what he understood and using a dictionary to try to translate what the teacher was stating in the class. The video also showed how Moises was made fun of and treated with disrespect by the other students because he did not understand the English language. I found it interesting how the teacher tried to help Moises because she recognized his knowledge even though he was unable to explain how he solved the math problems, the teacher is an important figure in the class due to the way in which he/she responds to the students knowledge and progress. This video shows how by placing children in classes where they are unable to understand the language has an impact on the child. For instance, Moises friend skips the test because he over heard the Principal saying how they will fail because they do not understand the language anyway, which is showing how these programs are not efficient and how schools do not put enough effort and time into the classes to help those that are struggling with the work, instead they just ignore it and let the students fail. I believe that this video shows how ESL programs need to be more organized and how teachers should put more time and effort into the students that are struggling like Moises struggled. The video shows how just because a student is placed in ESL classes doesn’t mean the student is not capable of doing grade-level work, in this case Moises was one of the students that was unable to read and understand the language and yet he was one of the intelligent students in the class. I feel that teachers need to be more involved in their students lives like Moises teacher was because this shows how his teacher tried to help him because she was aware of his knowledge and saw he understood the work being taught. This shows how even though Moises was unable to understand the language he still was capable of doing the work through other techniques and this shows how intelligent and serious he was about his education.

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