Mar 13 2012

From Nilda: A Mother’s Dedication

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Nilda you must never do anything foolish like that. Never. Don’t have a bunch of babies and lose your life. Listen to what I say. I love you, Nilda, and I love your brothers, all of you, regardless of who the father was, I don’t care…you are all….still mine. (1053)

This quote is showing how Nilda’s mother is on her deathbed and is trying to preach to her young daughter to do the right things in life so she will not make the same mistakes her mother has made in the past. She is telling her daughter not to have children at a young age because it will be a burden to her. She is trying to get her point across to Nilda that she doesn’t want her daughter to struggle and have her life ruined like hers was. Even though the mother seems to be having a harsh conversation with her daughter she is doing this for her daughters well being. She doesn’t want her daughter to struggle throughout life. The mother is giving this advice to Nilda because she wants her to be strong and not make mistakes in life by having children at a young age because of the hardships she went through herself having Nilda and her brothers at a young age. She is trying to let Nilda know when you have children all the fun and games end and your life is now devoted to those children the way Nilda’s mother devoted her life to Nilda and her brothers. She tells Nilda how her and her brothers were all her mothers’ responsibility because they all came from different fathers, who left her mother to care for them on her own. It shows how the mother is the one to be left to raise the child no matter what regardless of if the father stays or if he leaves the woman. This shows how a woman’s dedication to her children never dies out and how for as long as a mother lives, she lives for her children, which the mother seems to compare to as giving up her life to raise her children so that they will live happy lives and not make the same mistakes she made in the past.


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