Mar 10 2012

“The Wrong Lunch Line”: Separated Because Of Prejudice

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Yvette ate the free lunch provided by the school and Mildred brought her lunch from home in a brown paper bag. Because of school rules, free lunch children and bag lunch children could not sit in the same section, and the two girls always ate separately. This week, however, they had planned to eat together. (Mohr 1056)

This quote I believe shows how there are prejudices against Spanish that exist in everyday life that many people are unaware of. The quote shows how these two young girls who are friends are separated through such boundaries in their school where they are separated into two different groups while eating lunch. It specifically states how the one girl Yvette being the Spanish girl gets the “free” lunch while Mildred brings her lunch from home which shows the difference in class between the two girls. This shows how even in schools these children were not allowed to be associated with each other because of the difference in class, the two girls were friends but they would never be able to sit with one another because they are considered to be different from one another and this would be going against the school rules.  The quote does show the effort these girls made to make a difference by deciding to sit together which showed that they didn’t mind being associated with each other even though others would judge them for going against what was considered to be wrong being the two would sit together instead of sitting separate like they were supposed to which shows how society can have an impact on these races and shows how discrimination is continually a part of our everyday lives and how the actions of one person can make a difference by doing what they think is considered the right thing.

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