Mar 05 2012

A Girl Like Me: Stereotypes Take Toll

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After watching the video “A Girl Like Me” it made me realize how children are exposed to stereotypes at such young ages and are aware of how society views them through these stereotypes. I thought it was sad how these girls would feel bad about themselves because society views those who are black as being less attractive, not smart, having bad hair, and that they are not attractive because they have darker skin. These girls feel that they are not beautiful because they have darker skin and society forces them to think that lighter skin appears more beautiful, which is not the case. I found it to be sad that the mother of one of the girls in the video told her daughter to stop wearing her hair natural because she looked “African.”  These girls should be proud of who they are and what they look like and should not be mistreated because of what they look like or what color their skin is or what type of hair they have. I was shocked when I heard that some of these women would bleach their skin to try to make it lighter in order to be characterized as “beautiful.” The one thing that stuck out to me about this video was the “doll test” that they constructed. After seeing that most of the children preferred the white doll, it shows how these stereotypes have an impact of the child’s life. I found it interesting how when asked which doll is good and which is bad they would respond saying the white doll is good because “she” is white and when referring to the black doll they would say “it” is black. This shows how society views black from white and shows how they rank in society. Stereotypes are directed to all different races created by society and people don’t realize how stereotypes can have an impact on people’s lives like it had on these girls in the video leaving them feeling worthless because they are different.

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